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German Ortiz – Borbon Ají Filter


German Ortiz – Borbon Ají Filter


      • Producer German Ortiz
      • Attributes  Borbon Ají
      • Origin near Bruselas, Huila, Colombia
      • Flavours A deliciously sweet cup with marmalade and chocolate notes up front (think jaffas), pleasant minerality, and a refreshing acidity that lifts on cooling.

    We’re hugely fond of German Ortiz, and not just because of the goodness of his coffee. One of the founding producers of the feted Asoguacharos group – German off ers increasingly delicious coffee from his several farms, while steadfastly fulfilling the treasurership function at the group, offering up his home for group meetings and generally wearing the biggest smile in the room.

    We’re proud to present something special from German’s September harvest, a variety that will likely become ubiquitous any month now: in Spanish it’s “borbon ají”, meaning borbon “chilli” (the latter mainly
    because the cherry ripens to the orangey colour of a habaneros). This is the second harvest of this variety, planted 3 years ago on German’s second farm. Because the lot was so small, we’ve combined it 25:75 with a pink borbon variety from his primary farm. German ferments
    in cherry form for 24 hours, followed by 24 -36 hours in plastic drums.

    Roasted for filter brewing.

    We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

    Pricing transparency: We purchase parchment coffee directly from the association to which German belongs (beloved Los Guacharos, with whom we have been working since 2016) and pesos are transferred straight to the association’s bank account upon receipt of parchment at our chosen mill. We paid an average of $3,425,000 pesos per carga (125 kg of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for the several individual lots that make up our purchase. The coffees were harvested in August and Sept 2023 and arrived Melbourne Dec 2023.

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