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Fabian Urbano – Honey Process Filter


Fabian Urbano – Honey Process Filter


  • Producer Fabian Urbano
  • Attributes honey processed caturra, 1900masl
  • Origin Narino, August 2021 harvest
  • Flavours Vibrant grape and lime, sweetness of sultana plus lactic and spice notes.

This delicious caturra micro-lot comes from a 4 hectare farm El Yunguillo, located in the indigenous reservation of Aponte, within El Tablon de Gomez, Narino. Fabian’s wife Adriana inherited this farm from her mother, and together this dynamic duo have been producing coffee here for eight years. They each sell under their own name, with Adriana’s coff ee also being enjoyed on our menu. Fabian is careful to ensure that cherries are picked when they are perfectly ripe. After picking, the coffee is left to ferment in cherry for 48 hours in a cool location after which it’s de-pulped into an open tank. Fabian then continues the fermentation to what we call a “fermented honey” level – meaning that a little mucilage is allowed to remain on the coffee. At this point the parchment is taken to a parabolic dryer with good ventilation to allow for slow and even drying.

We paid $2,450,000 pesos per carga in September 2021 for this micro-lot via our Colombian buying/exporting arm Shared Source.

Roasted for filter brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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