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Everyone can be a coffee expert.

Just follow these 4 steps:

With the help of Small Batch Roasting Co.,
you’ll be a coffee expert. It sounds simple because it is simple.

1 Purposefully Found

Find beans that have been responsibly sourced from the world’s great coffee regions.

2 Meticulously Roasted

Find a roaster who knows how to release the inherent flavours of those beans.

3 Perfectly Brewed

Brew your coffee carefully, using a method that brings out its flavour.

4 Sensually Enjoyed

Enjoy coffee, not just as a jump start in the morning, but as a stimulus to your senses.

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You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.

Nor can average quality raw (green) coffee be turned into great roasted coffee.


We start by painstakingly sourcing and buying the best raw ingredients directly from producers. We buy beans that we know are suited to the end product we want.


Just like wine, the flavour of coffee depends on the variety of green bean and how it’s processed. Different raw materials, treated in different ways, will lead to different results.



A coffee’s flavour is also infused with the place where it’s grown – local soil, climate, ecosystem, all those things that are called “terroir”.

Small Batch has strong relationships with coffee producers in El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, and Costa Rica – relationships we’ve built in person, over repeated visits. Our African coffees are selected through 3rd parties who share our values.


Some coffee roasters see what they do as a science experiment: turning one thing into another.

Other coffee roasters see what they do as art: creating something from nothing.

We take a bit from both camps. The coffee we choose is great to begin with. Our aim when roasting is to develop its inherent flavours, so the quality of the coffee producer’s efforts and our deliberate green coffee choices come through without distortion.



Single Origin

Best of a single bean



Best of multiple beans



We grind coffee and add hot water. It’s pretty simple, therein lies the magic.

Choose the roast level and grind size to suit your equipment, then add water. Espresso machines and stovetop brewers generally require a finer particle size and a more developed roast.



Filter methods, which can take up to 4 minutes to brew, generally perform better with coarser ground coffee of a less developed roast style. Your taste plays a big part here too, as well as whether you drink your coffee black or with milk.

More on brewing perfectly.



Sensually Enjoyed

Take your time to enjoy great coffee, whether you’re drinking it at home or in your favourite cafe. Learn to identify the different aromas and flavours. Try everything, and work out what you like and don’t like. But most of all, enjoy coffee!

We’ll be here to help you keep learning.

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