Limited Release Coffee

Limited Release was conceived to help us showcase the abundance of delicious coffees our deep green buying programme helps us get our hands on – all smallholder coffees; all ecologically-produced or transitioning; all exclusive to Small Batch. So far we have seen the release of two stunning coffees; James Karaoke’s “Fram Farm” in October, and […]

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El Pilar the Magnificent

This is not the usual waffling and clichéd description of a coffee’s flavours and provenance, rather what follows is a run down of how we got our hands on some truly unique and special micro-lots from a revered and impressive farm in Central Guatemala. It shows what can happen when a responsive producer and a […]

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Finally! You can now have a super easy method of purchasing coffee from us. Just click on any item, if it’s coffee, select the size you would like, if it’s paper filters, select the size you would like. Then proceed to checkout! More items will be popping up soon.

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New Packaging


We are rolling out pretty new bags this week as well. We have been working for quite a while on getting these to the place we want them. We will have Candyman as the mainstay with a solid red while the rotating coffees will have the white background with black text and detail. The reverse […]

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Hi there,


Hello, Welcome to the new Small Batch Roasting Co. website. You will see some strange looking logos and pictures around. That’s our attempt to get all pretty. We hope you like it. We hope to use this news page to deliver some information about new coffees as they get released, any special events that we […]

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