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Nolberto Olaya – Espresso



Nolberto Olaya – Espresso


  • Producer Nolberto Olaya
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Caturra
  • Origin Tolima – Colombia
  • Flavours praline, stone fruit, rich chocolate, fig

A sign out the front of Nolberto’s farm (located about 10kg away from Planadas in the township of El Rubi, Tolima, proudly introduces the name “La Cinta”, and welcomes you to something of an oasis. 

Third-generation coffee farmer Nolberto is smart and savvy and future thinking in all the ways. Not only is the farm 100% organic (and certified as such), and Nolberto is amazingly expert and hands-on in making all the biological preparations to nourish the soil and trees.

There is no “buy a bag of organic fertiliser” type activity going on here. Nolberto is a wizard, burning bone ash, stirring clockwise and communing deeply and valuably with mother earth. The focus is on incorporating favourable micro-organisms throughout the soil and trees, and super high shade cover is maintained.

Nolberto is also a super switched on and diligent coffee farm manager and producer.

Two anecdotes support this: he has planted his trees with more space between them than normal, allowing deeper roots and less competition for nutrients. This has enabled a different pruning system to be used and actually higher yield per tree and therefore more efficient hand harvesting of the cherries.

The other thing is that to do truly anaerobic fermentation, Nolberto uses a system of burning a candle within the fermentation vessel, truly depleting the environment of oxygen. Long and clean fermentations are the result, producing super sweet, aromatically complex and sparkling coffee. 

La Cinta is a 16,000 coffee tree farm and is home to the following varieties: Caturra (red and yellow), Pink Bourbon, Caturra Chiroso, Wush Wush, Maragogype and Java. It ranges in altitude from 1666 to 1820 metres above sea level.

Pricing Transparency:

We paid $1,400,000 peso per carga of parchment to Nolberto for this caturra lot.

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