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Limited Release


Limited Release


Roasted for Filter

  • Producer Carla Lasso
  • Attributes Wet processed, Gesha Variety
  • Origin Narino – Colombia
  • Flavours Just straight up joy in the cup! candied ginger, peach tea, creaming soda, hibiscus

We want you to still drink special things while the world is going crazy! So even though we were saving this as a special release for brighter days, we want to share it with you now, and at a discount!

The Lasso family has been dear friends for years, we’ve bought coffee from a bunch of family members across Nariño and Huila. Raquel, who's coffee we've released in the past is the Godmother in many ways, and one of several family members who planted Geisha three years ago from seed from her brother’s plantation – this special lot is from Raquel's daughter, Carla. Varietals that attract super premiums have the potential to be real change agents in areas of the world that truly need development. The seed is pure Panamanian, the family is one of the lucky few to have been given selected and verified seed brought straight in from Panama.

Grown under a wealth of shade trees, with literal tonnes of organic matter, this coffee has received the royal treatment of organics. Processing is small scale and quite unique: cherries were depulped by hand and fermented in food-grade plastic tubs, completely sealed to create anaerobic conditions. We are great promoters of anaerobic fermentations, which allow a longer and slower breakdown of sugars without the risk of introducing aerobic (or acetic) bacteria associated with spoilage. Instead, these conditions promote populations of lactic acid bacteria, a species most commonly associated with producing favourable amino acids, or flavour precursors. Fermentation was a full 48 hours in these small tubs before parchment was fully washed and then slowly dried on shade covered raised beds.

We've taken great care to roast this coffee to preserve unique characteristics, and make it ready for your holiday season enjoyment.

Thanks for supporting us over the last decade, we know that Carla's coffee will be the best way to bring in the next 10 years of #smallbatches

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

Whole beans only.

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