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Willington Ultengo – Filter



Willington Ultengo – Filter


  • Producer Willington Ultengo
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Caturra and Tipica
  • Origin Huila – Colombia
  • Flavours strawberry, toffee apple, grape, chocolate


Willington was one of our early “direct trade” crushes. We first met him in 2015 when he placed in the top five of a cupping competition we took part in in La Argentina, North West Huila, Colombia. That coffee was a very fruity (bordering overfermented) lot, but Willington’s farm sounded every bit the fabled coffee stalking dream – 1800 masl and above, with caturra, typica and bourbon varieties (the latter especially being referred to as “heirloom” types) – so we jumped at the opportunity for a visit.

We were not disappointed with what we found, and, based on our enthusiastic dreams of future awesomeness, proceeded to spend time helping Willington figure out how to ferment anaerobically in a sustainable fashion, how he could dispose most efficiently of the coffee pulp (for composting purposes), where he could set up a screen for sorting cherries prior to depulping and fermentation, and how his drier could better cope with inconvenient nighttime humidity common in the zone.


Roll on a few years, and some significant ups and downs, and Willington seems now truly beginning to consistently deliver on the promise his farm always seemed to possess.


Willington’s coffee is now more deliberate and controlled in fermentation levels, and Willington himself has created a new producer group he’s heading up, is displaying greater commitment to regenerative leaning agricultural practices, and has a healthy and less vulnerable farm to boot.


This is a still in some ways a more fruit-forward coffee than we’d normally pursue, but we decided to release it as the highest honour of filter roast because it’s rare to find this combination of fruit and cleanness. This March lot follows from a purchase in Sept and another in November. We’ve also bought a super special 50kg lot from a new group mate of his – Alberto Leguisamo – a total bombshell of a coffee!


Pricing Transparency:

We paid Willington 1,450,000 pesos per carga for this lot, in November 2018, against the prevailing market price of 748,000 pesos per carga and the Fairtrade (TM) price of 795,000 pesos per carga.


* Currency is Colombian Pesos.

* A carga is 125 kilos of parchment form coffee.

* Parchment form coffee is the final finished coffee produced at farm level, before it is de-hulled, and then size, density and colour sorted and packed (in an export facility) for shipping.

* As with all the producers we work with in Colombia, we purchased directly from Willington. When we say ‘direct’, we literally mean it: we paid him in Colombian pesos, from our bank account to his own. We then assumed risk and responsibility of the parchment from the farm-gate, contracting the milling service to a third party in Pitalito, Huila, and exporting via our own Colombian entity, Shared Source S.A.S.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page. Whole beans only. Roasted for filter brewing.

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