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Nilson Lopez – Filter


Nilson Lopez – Filter


  • Producer Nilson Lopez
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Bourbon and Caturra
  • Origin Narino – Colombia
  • Flavours stewed rhubarb, cola, toffee, milk chocolate


Nilson has produced outstanding coffees for many years. Working alongside his mother Etelvina Diaz, Nilson and Etelvina won the Cup of Excellence competition in Colombia in 2012. That year, they participated in a cupping competition put on by Intelligentsia, traveling to the US where they won 3rd place. After receiving great recognition for his coffee’s quality, Nilson has worked alongside friends, neighbors and family to be a leader in the community of Medina Espejo, opening up his farm and showing off his processing methods so that those interested in quality can visit to learn and share tips about processing best-practices.

As mayor of Buesaco, he’s focused on a campaign to promote the region as a destination for high-quality coffee, focusing on Buesaco’s high altitudes and ideal climate for the high-quality varietals that are common on farms in the region.

As a politician, Nilson’s primary platform has been one that works to extend those same benefits to more smallholder producers. Specifically, Nilson hopes to help 250 smallholder producers by allocating resources to the most vulnerable to improve on-site processing and drying infrastructure, donating $11,000,000 Colombian pesos to improve fermentation tanks, de-pulping machines, parabolic dryers or patios.
We purchase parchment coffee directly from Nilson, and pesos are transferred straight to his bank account upon receipt of parchment at our chosen mill.

Pricing Transparency:

We paid 1,500,000 pesos per carga (125 pounds of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for this coffee when we purchased it during the primary harvest in Nariño in 2019. For context, here is a link to the daily carga market price: Click Here

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page. Roasted for filter brewing. We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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