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Halo Hartume – Filter


Halo Hartume – Filter


      • Producer Ato (“Mister”) Mijane Worassa
      • Attributes washed, bed-dried, local landraces
      • Origin  Gedeb, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
      • Flavours Big bold Earl Grey up front with apricot, mandarin and barley sugar following. These classic Ethiopia notes sum up why we love Ethiopia and keep returning.

    Halo Hartume Gedeb, Yirgacheffe Washing station operator Ato (“Mister”) Mijane Worassa buys cherries from around 400 smallholders whose coffee plots are located in the lush and green-forested Halo Hartume hills that surround the station (at between 2000 and 2200 metres above sea level). These cherries are then carefully hand sorted, floated, and then fermented under water before being washed and bed-dried. We witnessed for ourselves the diligence of the processing in December 2020 and have sought to buy this coffee ever since. Ato Mijane is supported by his sons (notably our contact Daniel with whom we worked for the export) to have a positive social impact on their surrounding community, training farmers on the importance of local shade trees, organic compost, and proper selective handpicking. While the washing station is only a few kilometers from Gedeb town in the Gedeo zone, it is only accessible by a dry weather road and if it’s raining, you either have to walk the few kilometres to the station or use a motorbike to get there. The coffee trees in the region are young, bearing cherries that are large and full of flavour.

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    Roasted for filter brewing.

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