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Frank Torres – Filter



Frank Torres – Filter


  • Producer Frank Torres
  • Attributes Washed, bed dried, Caturra, Caturra
  • Origin Narino – Colombia
  • Flavours sweet red apple, kiwi, peach, milk chocolate


Here we have a delicious caturra varietal grown and produced by Frank and family in the township of La Pradera, near La Union, in Narino, Southern Colombia. The farm is called Indonesia and it was inherited by Frank and his siblings Angel, Yorgeny, and Gabriel- from their father Mr. Arbey Torres. This represented a bequeath of more than 50 years of the family’s involvement in coffee cultivation. The generational change has allowed Frank to not only preserve the legacy but make some improvements, emphasizing quality, sustainability and environmental goodness. 


Under Frank’s leadership, the family has sown and preserved caturra, bourbon and introduced new varietals (Bourbon rosado, “aji”, and sidra ), encouraged more bee activity within the farm, and planted more shade trees. The other thing Frank has done is brought his chef sensibilities to coffee processing! Truly! We noted immediately the extra care in the processing. Frank not only supervises the picking of only ripe cherries, but ensures selection occurs before the cherries are pulped. Then, fermentation trials have been carefully undertaken with ph level documented. The trials have involved everything from 14 to 48 hours,  with different temperature & water levels, and with various interim washings and alterations of how much mucilage is allowed to remain on the coffee as it dries. The result of the trials is an almost perfect coffee and is now ready for your cup.


Ladies and gentlemen, we’re proud to bring you the hard work of Frank: caturra pickings, from his own parcel of the family farm, fermented expertly, dried carefully and roasted with intention that we are the mere conduit of the goodness that has proceeded (we’ve been sure to roast in a manner that enables the goodness of place, cultivar and processing to manifest, and not more or less).


We’re proud to have been working with Frank for three seasons now, and we know there are many more to come

Pricing Transparency:

We paid Frank 1,500,000 pesos per carga for this lot.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

Whole beans only.

Roasted for filter brewing.

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