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Dayana Rivadeneira – Filter


Dayana Rivadeneira – Filter


      • Producer Dayana Rivadeneira
      • Attributes  caturra and var. Col, fermented honey
      • Origin Bermejal, near Buesaco, Nariño Department, COLOMBIA
      • Profile: Sweet and syrupy with white florals and a juicy
        tangerine and tamarind acidity.

    Dayana’s farm La Quebrada is one of the highest elevation farms in her small township of Bermejal, and coffee production is a family affair – her parents Edgar Rivadeneira and Mercedes Santacruz also help during
    the harvest and production period. This is just the third time that Dayana has prepared and sold several lots of coffee to the specialty coffee market, and we’re excited to build on our new relationship with her over the years and upcoming harvests. Dayana is the younger of two children (she’s just 21!), and, while her brother works as an electrician, she has clearly made a committment to specialty coffee production and preparation. She’s studying agronomy to boot.

    Dayana picks her cherries at a dark grape colour, floats them to remove the over and under-ripes, and then leaves the coffee in a cool place to undergo a cherry fermentation. After 24 hours they are de-pulped then continue fermentation in an open tank for up to 3 days.

    When complete, Dayana drains the liquid and moves the coffee to the dryer, leaving some mucilage still attached to the parchment.

    Pricing transparency: We purchase parchment coffee directly from Dayana at the farmgate. We pay for transport from Nariño to the mill. We paid $3,125,000 per carga (125 pounds of parchment) for several lots we purchased from Dayana. The market price at the time below $1,700,000 per carga.

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