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Rulindo – Rwandan Espresso


Rulindo – Rwandan Espresso


  • Producer Cherries from small farmers of Rulindo, processed at Muzo coffee washing station in Gakenke.
  • Attributes Bourbon
  • Origin Northern Province, Rwanda
  • Profile Juicy and bright, barley sugar, white tea, citrus

We’re really proud to make our second Rwandan coffee release! We’re also super happy to disclose that, like our first release Kiyonza Hill, it has also come about through the efforts of Emmanuel Rusatira and his company Baho.

Emmanuel established Baho Coffee in 2013 after a long career in coffee that began as a washing station manager and culminated in a position as head of a department, managing a number of stations. Today, Baho Coffee oversees more than five washing stations across Rwanda.

This lot comes from cherry from small farmers located in Rulindo and is processed at Baho-operated Muzo coffee washing station located nearby in Gakenke. 

Cherries are first hand-sorted and then floated to ensure only ripe and non-defective fruit passes through to the dry fermentation and soak stages that follow. 


Roasted for espresso brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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