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Los Guácharos – Pink Borbon Espresso


Los Guácharos – Pink Borbon Espresso


  • Producers Luis Octavio Titimbo, Polo Calderon, Rubio Bolanos, Nelson Fabio Cordobam, Jose Gil Perafan
  • Attributes Pink Bourbon
  • Origin Bruselas, Huila, December 2023/January 2024 harvest
  • Flavours Perfect balance of brightness, sweetness & character. Orange juice, musk & cherry notes.

With this micro-lot, five small-scale coffee producers – Polo Calderon, Rubio Bolanos, Nelson Fabio Cordoba, Luis Octavio Titimbo, and Jose Gil Perafan – provide another great example of the famous adage, that the ‘whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.

It helps when the ‘parts’ are pink borbon variety lots, hailing from members of our favourite producer group, Los Guácharos (whose members are transitioning away from synthetic chemical inputs in their farming in favour of taking on a more wholistic, regenerative, soil-up approach).

Once thought to be a naturally occurring cross- pollination between red and yellow borbon varieties, DNA testing has recently demonstrated that the “pink
borbon” variety is in fact another Ethiopian Landrace.

These lots are minimally fermented in cherry, then
after pulping, without water.


We paid between $2,975,000 and $3,025,000 pesos per carga in January 2024 for the micro-lots that make up this lot, via our Colombian buying and export arm Shared Source.

Roasted for espresso brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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