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Adrian & Nestor – Bourbon Sidra Espresso


Adrian & Nestor – Bourbon Sidra Espresso


  • Producer Adrian and Nestor Lasso
  • Attributes bourbon sidra, dual fermentation washed
  • Origin near Bruselas, Huila, COLOMBIA
  • Profile candied citrus, lemon myrtle, creamy texture

Back in October 2022 during our visit to Southern Huila, we were lucky enough to visit the warehouse and coffee lab of the increasing famous Lasso family. (They share the lab with the Gasca brothers and with Jhoan Vergara, from whom we also buy.) While there, we saw and tasted the culmination of years and years of work both in the field (the farm itself), and in processing. In particular, the Lasso family have spearheaded in their region the technique of ‘thermal shock’ (which uses hot water during the washing phase to open up the pores of the coffee, allowing the seed, proponents argue, to absorb the flavours of the fermentation and intensify the sweet and acidic notes).They are also known for working with a local microbiology lab to separate microorganisms from each variety of coffee cherry on their farm, then reproducing them and reapplying those microorganisms to the coffee mass during fermentation. The idea is that, when the microorganisms are applied to the mass (either as cherry or de-pulped coffee), they will be able to work efficiently, without as much competition from other microorganisms. It’s cutting edge stuff.This lot of extremely-in-vogue bourbon sidra variety is processed thus: first, it is subjected to an oxidative fermentation in cherry form; second, there’s a controlled fermentation with added microorganisms in a low oxygen environment; and finally from a hot thermal shock which allows the yeasts and bacteria to continue fermenting the coffee as it moves towards the drying phase.

Pricing transparency: we paid $3,900,000 pesos per carga of parchment.

Roasted for espresso brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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