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Golden Ticket X – Espresso



Golden Ticket X – Espresso


  • Producer Jairo Nunez – Colombia | Kiambu Smallholders – Kenya
  • Attributes Wet processed, sun dried, Caturra + Bourbon Varieties
  • Origin Tarqui, Colombia | Kiambu, Kenya
  • Flavours  cherry, nougat, brown sugar, chocolate biscuit

Simply put, the premise of Golden Ticket is to combine coffees of high character and great deliciousness in such a way that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This essentially allows us to celebrate more of our favourite coffees (that additionally may have a small lot size), finds a nice middle point between “single” and “blend”, and sets us a great QC challenge to make an interesting and different product to Candyman that fluctuates more over time (as the components change more frequently). Just to re-state this: Golden Ticket will have has less focus on “balance” and consistency of flavours per se, and more on short run, special with high character. The espresso version also has the requirement to have great presence in milk.

Pricing transparency:

Kiambu Smallholders: The producers whose parchment made up the AA lot here received USD$2.90 per pound of finished green coffee for this purchase. Purchased by our export partner during January 2019 via highest bid at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

Jairo Nunez: We paid Jairo 1,300,000 pesos per carga for this lot, in March 2018, against the prevailing market price of 710,000 pesos per carga and the Fairtrade (TM) price of 755,000 pesos per carga.


* Currency is Colombian Pesos.

* A carga is 125 kilos of parchment form coffee.

* Parchment form coffee is the final finished coffee produced at farm level, before it is de-hulled, and then size, density and colour sorted and packed (in an export facility) for shipping.

* As with all the producers we work with in Colombia, we purchased directly, but by the means preferred by the producer. In this way, we made Jairo’s payment to the association via which he markets his coffee – ASOCIACIÓN TARQUI. We then assumed risk and responsibility of the parchment from the association’s warehouse, contracting the milling service to a third party in Pitalito, Huila, and exporting via our own Colombian entity, Shared Source S.A.S.

Whole beans only.


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