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Candyman Espresso Blend


Candyman Espresso Blend


This is the Small Batch espresso blend.

A combination of our favourite in season coffees put together to create sweet balanced espresso, with or without milk.

Served Black: Apple, plum, melon, brown sugar

With milk:  Sweet, malted milk, macadamia butter

Components are frequently rotated to ensure broad consistency of the taste profile, cycling through direct purchases from the same producers who also make up our favourite featured “single” coffee products.  Candyman features the following components:

  •  Colombian Producers – Jefferson Olaya, Hugo Melo, Jimmy Gomez
  •  Guatemalan Producers – Ader Recinos, Marcelo Perez

Pricing transparency:

It's important to us that blends comprise quality ingredients that are proudly identified and no less wholesomely purchased. Candyman is largely made up of neighbours or community blends that we build ourselves with coffees that, while super sweet, clean and well processed, do not possess the distinguishing characteristics (or volume sufficiency) that enable us to feature them on their own.

Los Guacheros and Tolima producers above have received between $1,250,000 and $1,350,000 per carga for these coffees, purchased in November 2018 or March 2019, against the prevailing market price of between $710,000 and $748,000 pesos per carga and the Fairtrade (TM) price of $755,000 to $795,000 pesos per carga.

The Aguthi Farmer's Cooperative Society received US $3.40 per pound.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

whole beans only. Roasted for espresso brewing purposes.

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