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Candyman Espresso Blend


Candyman Espresso Blend


Candyman is our flagship espresso blend, launched in 2010 and still going strong!

A combination of our favourite in-season coffees put together to create sweet, balanced espresso, with or without milk.

Served Black: grape, plum, lemon pastry, dark chocolate
With milk:  sweet, malted milk, macadamia butter

Components are frequently rotated to ensure broad consistency of the taste profile, cycling through direct purchases from the same producers who also make up our favourite featured “single” coffee products.  Candyman features the following coffees:

23rd June -30th June:

  • Los Guacharos (Bruselas, Huila, Colombia)
  • Ana Ceneth Bedoya (Planadas, Tolima, Colombia)
  • Kedamai Cooperative (Agaro, Jimma, Ethiopia)
  • Asefa Beraso (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)

2nd July onwards:

  • Small producers of Buesaco (Nariño, Colombia)
  • Small producers of Huila (Huila, Colombia)
  • Kedamai Cooperative (Agaro, Jimma, Ethiopia)
  • Asefa Beraso (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)

16th July onwards:

  • FIRST GUATEMALAN OF THE SEASON! ASODIETT Cooperative (Huehuetenango, Guatemala)
  • Small producers of Huila (Huila, Colombia)
  • Refisa Washing Station (Nansebo, Sidamo, Ethiopia)
  • Asefa Beraso (Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia)

Pricing transparency:
It’s important to us that blends comprise quality ingredients that are proudly identified and no less wholesomely purchased. Candyman presently showcases a freshly-arrived Colombian regional lot we’ve built from small producer friends based in Huila (members of the Los Guacharos association and some other groups). Our “friends and neighbours” purchases are super sweet, clean and well-processed like all of our purchases, but simply do not possess the distinguishing characteristics (or volume sufficiency) that enable us to feature them on their own. We paid an average of 1,700,000 pesos per carga (125 pounds of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for these coffees when we purchased them during January 2021. At the time the market price was close to 1,200,000 pesos per carga. For context, here is a link to the daily carga market price:


All contributors to Candyman have received price premiums that reflect their artisan efforts and “livelihood” representing remuneration.


For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

Roasted for espresso brewing, or filter brews with milk.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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