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Gift Pack


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Gift Pack


Small Batch Gift Pack

A custom selection for that special someone -
all the gear you need to brew great coffee
and of course, some great coffee to brew!

All of our favourite things together so that you can make up your own perfect bundle – whether for giving to others, or for yourself!

With pricing set up to 15% off of single item prices, don’t miss out.

First, pick your brewer:

V60 – Our brewer of choice, gives a super clean cup, and helps highlight all the work that has been put into growing, processing, roasting, and brewing the coffee. You’ll get a 2-cup version, allowing you to do single brews, or make enough for some friends without needing to reach for anything else.

Aeropress – The travel brewer of choice, and becoming a fast favorite of home brewers the world over, the Aeropress gives you nearly unlimited options on exploring the flavor of your coffee.

Now, pick a grinder:

Porlex – This is a great entry level grinder. Ceramic conical burrs that will give you fresh ground coffee to help enhance your coffee experience.

Aergrind – from Made by Knock, this is the boss of travel grinders! Steel burrs that will last a lifetime, able to fit inside your Aeropress for traveling, and a grind quality equal to or better than grinders 2 to 3 times the price.


Do you need a Kettle?

You can also include a Hario Buono Electric Kettle with your pack. This kettle has a 0.8L capacity, boils quickly, and allows you to set your choice of temperature, giving you the best results for every coffee you brew. The gooseneck design allows for precision pouring for all applications.


These were made to measure:

Small Basic Scales - These are a small footprint accurate scale that will get you going in the world of consistent, accurate, measured brewing. Guaranteed to make your coffee taste better (if you measure your coffee and water and follow a good brew guide), this is a cheapest and easiest way to enhance your coffee experience. Weighing your coffee and water will give you tastier coffee, every time!

Hario Brew Scales – These scales will help you weigh and time your brew, taking your brew game to the next level.


And of course, coffee:

250g – 1 bag of our favorite filter roast

500g – 2 x 250g of our favorite filter roasts

400g sampler – 4 x 100g bags, showcasing all of our current filter coffees.


For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page. Whole beans only. Roasted for filter brewing.

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