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Jorge Rojas – Filter


Jorge Rojas – Filter


  • Producer Jorge Rojas
  • Attributes semi-anaerobically fermented, yellow caturra
  • Origin Planadas, Tolima, COLOMBIA
  • Flavour chocolate black forest cake, cotton candy

Jorge is not a first time love for Small Batch, in fact we’re proud to have been showcasing this dynamic young man’s coffee fairly regularly since 2016. 

Jorge can be considered a poster boy for the switched-on younger generation of Colombian smallholder coffee farmers. Since he stumbled into selling coffee to cooperative ASOPEP a few years back, he’s taken advantage of every single opportunity to learn at his disposal. He’s been hungry, caterpillar-style, devouring knowledge of processing, roasting, brewing, and organic farming. Now, through this and his own continual curious experimentation, he’s become a true leader in coffee processing, even being engaged by us to train others. 

Jorge manages his farm in a way that we think of as being “beyond organic”: he sprays a fertilizing spray on his trees monthly, mixing Super Magro, worm leachate and micro-organisms. He makes all of these products on his farm (and also sells them to his friends and neighbours so that they can farm organically as well). His harvest is always super healthy with great production year after year.


Jorge’s processing is meticulous and exact, the result of many harvests of experimentation and side by side cupping with us. He works alongside his family to pick beautifully ripe cherries, and then floats those cherries to remove the over- and under-ripe ones. The next step is the standard depulping, and then Jorge seals the mucilage covered seeds in big drums for 48-62 hours. The sealed drums protects the coffee from oxygen and allows for a long and cool fermentation- he measures temperature, and it never reaches above 23 C. He monitors the coffee’s fermentation curve throughout the fermentation processing, measuring sugars, pH and temperature to ensure that the same conditions are met every time that he processes. Once the coffee is ready to wash, he washes it just once and takes it out to dry. First it goes to raised beds where the coffee gets plenty of air ventilating around it, and then a day or two later, he moves the coffee to enclosed mesh beds for 23-28 days.

Jorge is a member of much loved Asociación de Productores Ecológicos de Planadas (aka ASOPEP)  — essentially our favouritist coop, for reasons I’d like to outline briefly.

While only founded in 2013 Asopep has 318 associated families –202 coffee producers and 116 cocoa producers. They are all small farms, with women managing the household and farming operations as well as the youngest generation fully involved in the coffee production. The leader of the association, Camilo Enciso (whose coffee has also appealed many times on our menu) has a clear vision for the group: create opportunities for the personal growth of its members, protect the environment, innovate in commercial business processes, and aim to be a leader in specialty coffee worldwide. As such, education is one of the main focuses of ASOPEP: each member receives extensive training and capacitation to ensure they produce high quality coffees. There’s a lot to love about Jorge, this group and this region. 

And this micro-lot will win your heart too. Of the several individually prepared lots we purchased from Jorge, this was the most delicious, showing fully the crisp acidity and fruit profile of the constituent variety yellow skinned caturra, but also the slightly funky chocolate candy aspect brought through the careful fermentation. Enjoy it as we do! 


Roasted for filter brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.


We purchase parchment coffee directly from the association, and pesos are transferred straight to their bank account upon receipt of parchment at our chosen mill. We pay for transport from Tolima to the mill. We paid an average of 1,850,000 pesos per carga (125 pounds of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for this select microlot. A very tiny fee (less than 50,000 pesos) goes to ASOPEP and the rest is transferred to Jorge’s account. For context, here is a link to the daily carga market price: https://www.federaciondecafeteros.org/static/files/precio_cafe.pdf.

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