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Ethiopian ~ Filter tasting pack


Ethiopian ~ Filter tasting pack


Ethiopia ~ 3 pack

Natural ~ Honey ~ Washed

We’re proud to offer three delicious coffees that derive from our direct sourcing practices in Ethiopia.These recently harvested micro-lots are a great demonstration of the diversity of regions, varietal and processing available within this fascinating coffee heartland.


Asegedech Sholi (Natural Process)

Seed dried within the fruit – near Banko Tatatu, Gedeb, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region. Local Landraces. Altitude of 2100 metres above the sea. Flavours: like drinking a handful of party mix.

Ahmed (Honey Process)

Dry-pulped then dried without fermentation – Agaro, Jimma Zone, Oromia. 35 hectare family owned farm at an altitude of 2050 metres above the sea. JARC selected varieties 74110 and 74112. Flavours: Marachino cherry acidity followed by raw honey in its sweetness and complexity. Monte Carlo biscuits vibes in the finish.

Chelbesa (Washed Process)

Anaerobically fermented in parchment (aka washed process) – within Chelbesa town, Gedeb, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region. Wolisho and Dega varieties. Altitude of 2100-2200 metres above the sea. Flavours: Juicy lemon fruit tingles with stonefruit and a hint of Heirloomy wildness.

Ethiopia is the home of the coffee species botanically, and the only producing country whose people drink the beverage as part of their cultural practice and daily life.

While we commonly refer to coffee as a bean, it is of course the seed of the coffee berry. We encourage you to compare and contrast these coffees and be reminded that a coffee’s specific journey from berry to seed has a profound effect on flavour.

Starting down the heavily fruit-forward end of the processing spectrum is a micro-lot from a washing station operated by Asegedech Sholi. Here, ripe cherries gathered from surrounding smallholder farmers are hand-selected and then dried on raised beds in the sun, left intact as berries. The seed’s contact with the fruit pulp while drying promotes a particular type of fermentation leading to a winey and fruity character.

Next is one of the cleanest and most complex honey-processed coffees you’ll find this season, hailing from a small farmer/producer family we’ve been working with since 2017 – the Abatemam family, headed up by the eponymous Ahmed. Here, the ripe berries are mechanically stripped of their skin and then left to dry with a small amount of fruit mucilage still clinging to the outside of the seed’s protective parchment layer.

Finally, we have a washed coffee of Yirgacheffe type, produced at the Chelbesa washing station owned by SNAP Specialty Coffee. In this instance, the berries are pulped and the seeds are fermented under water for several days before being washed in channels. The lactobacillus dominant fermentation that results from this process leads to refined and delicate acidity and subtle tea and fruit notes.

Roasted for filter brewing.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

3 x 100g bags or
3 x 250g bags

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