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Edilma Piedrahita – Filter



Edilma Piedrahita – Filter


  • Producer Edilma Piedrahita
  • Attributes Washed, bed dried, Caturra
  • Origin Bruselas – Colombia
  • Flavours turkish delight, delicate florals, raisin, chocolate


Edilma Piedrahita has been the glue that keeps the Los Guacharos group together, and the heart and soul of the commercialization of their coffee.

Her effusive energy has buoyed us many times in the back of pickup trucks on long drives to visit producers, and we love her for her full-hearted commitment to her community, and her belief that steps towards sustainable production are essential for the future of coffee.

Los Guacharos are a group of independent, quality-focused small producers in Bruselas, Southern Huila (close to Pitalito). The group is collectively converting to organic agriculture, making their own fertilizers and fungicides, installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones and sand to remove all mucilage residues from wastewater to not contaminate water systems.

We love Edilma, and the coffee she produces, and we know you do too, our last release of Edilma’s coffee sold out in just a couple of weeks! This new arrival is tasting amazing and is not to be missed.



Pricing Transparency:

We paid Edilma 1,600,000 pesos per carga for this lot.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

Whole beans only.

Roasted for filter brewing.

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