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Blanca Riascos – Filter


Blanca Riascos – Filter


  • Producer Blanca Riascos
  • Attributes Washed, bed-dried, Caturra
  • Origin Narino – Colombia
  • Flavours marmalade, maple syrup, stone fruit, sparkling and juicy

Blanca’s coffee is relatively new to us, but she's superbly well connected to all the people we hold dear in this little pocket of Nariño.

Blanca is a local legend, producing fully washed and honey-processed caturra on her farm Finca La Mina at an altitude of 2,100 metres in the hamlet of Veracruz Alto in Nariño. We last enjoyed a superbly clean honey-processed lot from Blanca (from August 2019), but this latest purchase is fully-washed, meaning it dries with less of the fruity mucilage layer still clinging to the outside of the seed. And this in turn means subtle and clean fruit flavours and a great juicy and sophisticated acidity. 

How do we know Blanca? Blanca is mother-in-law to Nilson Lopez (also recently featured here). Nilson is connected to us via our man on the ground in Colombia, Frank Torres, who works on our behalf as farm technical advisor/producer liaison, first-line cupper, and overseer of our exports (while also co-owning a local coffee shop with Nilson). Blanca's eldest daughter, Lida Cielo (Nilson's wife) is a large part of running the show on Nilson's farm while he is busy performing his Mayoral duties. Lida also played a large part in the logistics of getting our payments distributed to producers in the main July/August buying season in 2019. It's safe to say that without the assistance of her daughters Lida and Edilma (who works more actively on the farm level), Blanca's coffee would not see the light of day.

What's noteworthy about this coffee is that it is from the so-called “mitaca” harvest in Colombia. Mitaca or “traviesa” refers to the “off season” harvest, thought by some to be less good than the “main harvest” (cosecha principal). We think this coffee is proof that mitica coffees can be as good as their main harvest buddies. The smaller amount of cherries to pick and process means that greater care can be taken – as long as the producer is confident a buyer will still make their efforts in performing a quality process worthwhile.

Pricing Transparency:
We paid 1,400,000 pesos/carga for this coffee (to give context this is the link to the current market rate in Colombia for producers delivering parchment to their local Co-Op, it’s updated daily

Roasted for filter brewing.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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