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Ader Recinos – Filter



Ader Recinos – Filter


  • Producer Ader Recinos
  • Attributes Washed, bed dried, Caturra, Bourbon
  • Origin Huehuetenango – Guatemala
  • Flavours honey, cacao, sweet red grape, milk tea
Ader represents the third generation to manage his small family farm. He came home after working in the USA for a stint as a builder’s labourer to take over operations on the farm, but sadly had to leave his 13-year-old son. Ader is the first in his family to implement new practices in the field and in the beneficio (wet processing) to access the specialty market. He’s been working hard for five years and we feel very lucky to be his first direct buyer. Not only are he and his family farming old varietals at serious altitude in one of the most famed coffee regions of the world, but he is young, working completely independently, and very motivated to implement new processes.
Ader splits the farm into three sections based on altitude (and hence picking date) and processes everything separately. He takes very great care with his management of shade trees, using canopy to great effect to keep heat in and frost out. His soil analyses demonstrate the high amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous they add to the soil too.
Cherries are selectively picked and depulped in the afternoon into traditional concrete tanks. The following morning the coffee is washed once and then left another day before final washing. At such high altitude nights are freezing and coffee can take a long time to ferment fully (where all the pectins have been broken down by bacteria and mucilage is detached from the parchment). This method of washing at the half-way point removes the sugary mucilage that has detached from the cherries that ferment faster, allowing full fermentation of those that take longer without spoiling the batch with overly fruity flavours. The next morning the coffee is fully washed using channels that density sort the parchment (over and under-ripes float and are removed).

Pricing Transparency:

We purchase parchment coffee from Ader, transferring money directly to his bank account. We paid an average of 1500 Quetzales per quintal (100 pounds of parchment) for this harvest. We’re looking towards a bright future with Ader. He’s all over Whatsapp, we’re in constant contact with feedback and farm news. We know his coffee will only get better and that the family will receive higher prices accordingly.


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Whole beans only.

Roasted for filter brewing.

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