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Tania Osorio – honey caturra – Espresso


Tania Osorio – honey caturra – Espresso


      • Producer Tania Osorio
      • Attributes caturra, honey process
      • Origin Tarqui Huila, Colombia.
      • Flavours Crisp apple, stewed plum, plush, bright and

    In June 2022 (on our first post-pandemic trip to Colombia) we met the fast-talking, dramatically-passionate, quality-obsessed force of nature than is Tania Osorio.


    Tania made a big impact on me, and we hoped so desperately we’d be able to feature her coffee. This is an example of what happens when everything goes right, because here we are, some months on – with three mini lots of Tania’s handiwork (one released in February, one now, and one in the wings).


    Would you like to know more about Tania? Sure you would. Tania farms gesha, caturra and naturally-low-in-caffeine laurina varieties, and has recently also  planted pink bourbon (just this year those trees will yield their first cherries). She manages the farm organically (Tania! we love you!) and, crucially for us, thinks more of cup quality than volume of yield. “Organically” means that conventional fertiliser is used in the teensiest amount (and no herbicides or fungicides are used). The bulk of the soil and tree nutrition is provided by home made gear called super magro (a fermentation/ multiplication of microorganisms from virgin soil) and super calcio (a foliar fertilizer with a high calcium content).This lot is fermented, but not washed, making it a honey prep. For the caturra, Tania takes super super ripe and selected cherries, depulps into a drum, leaves for 24-28 hours and then takes the fermented but unwashed parchment to the drier.


    Pricing transparency: We paid $3,250,000 pesos per carga (125 kg of parchment coffee, this is the unit farmers sell their coffee in) for this lot. This lot is from August/September 2022 harvest and arrived Melbourne Dec 2022.

  • Roasted for espresso brewing. We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.
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