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Jorge Rojas – Espresso



Jorge Rojas – Espresso


  • Producer Jorge Rojas
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Heirloom
  • Origin Tolima – Colombia
  • Flavours rhubarb jam, butter cookie, grape, strawberry candy

We’re proud as punch to again bring Jorge Rojas’s coffee to an espresso machine near you.

While our January purchase is being enjoyed in our espresso blend, we felt this latest arrival, from June/July/August pickings, definitely needed to be showcased in its own right.

Jorge is pretty much a poster boy for the switched-on younger generation of Colombian small holder coffee farmer. Since having pretty randomly stumbled in to selling coffee to Planadas’s best cooperative – ASOPEP – a few years back, he has taken advantage of every single opportunity to learn at his disposal, hungry caterpillar style devouring knowledge of processing, roasting, brewing, and organic farming. He’s a dream ‘package’. (His nickname is “sorbete” meaning exactly that).While we frequently pick and choose among a producer’s micro-lots and place some in a regional blend and keep some apart,  Jorge’s lots were all too good to do anything with but combine into one. Accordingly, this lot is a combination of 6 of his individual pickings processed during his main harvest.

We hope you can taste and celebrate with us the hard work of Jorge in this lot. We can taste the floral and skinsy influence of heaps of yellow fruited var. Colombia, the red fruit of the regular Colombia and the crisp clean acidity contributed by the caturra.

There’s a fermented honey among the contributing lots too which was ace but too small in kilos to keep apart.

Pricing Transparency:

We paid Jorge and average of 1,420,000 pesos per carga for the lots that contributed to this release.

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