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Idelfonso Cordoba – Espresso



Idelfonso Cordoba – Espresso


  • Producer Idelfonso Cordoba
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried – Caturra, Colombia
  • Origin Bruselas , Colombia
  • Flavours chocolate pudding, orange blossom, cacao nibs, toffee
Idelfonso lives in Pitalito and goes to work to the farm every day (since is very close to the city).

He started his farm from scratch and with hard work he’s managed to bring it to a point where it’s producing great quality coffee in 12 years. He has different varietals such a San Bernardo, Caturra and Pink Bourbon.

He is currently transitioning to organics and will start new training with Libardo ‘organic agriculture guru’ who will be running training sessions with the Los Guacheros group.

Los Guacharos is a group of independent, quality-focused small producers in Bruselas, Southern Huila (close to Pitalito). The group is collectively converting to organic agriculture, making their own fertilizers and fungicides, installing complex water filtration systems that use gravity, stones and sand to remove all mucilage residues from wastewater to not contaminate water systems.
Cherries are picked as ripe as can be, depulped the same day, fermented until they reach their ideal washing point for maximum sweetness, and fully washed. Each producer in the group has a different regiment, but many dry on raised bets or drying patios, where the coffee is covered with shade cloths. Parchment coffee is stored in grain pro bags at home to ensure that humidity is stable at around 11%.
Good agriculture and processing truly does result in good coffee, and this lot from Idelfonso, like others from this group is further proof of that.

Whole beans only. Roasted for espresso brewing.

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