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Cornelius Lopez – Espresso


Cornelius Lopez – Espresso


  • Producer Cornelius Lopez
  • Attributes washed, bed dried, pacamara
  • Origin San Antonio Huista – Guatemala
  • Flavours vanilla cream, butterscotch, tropical punch

On an adjacent part of the family farm to his brother Benjamin (whose coffee is featured as a filter roast) Cornelius farms only the rarer Pacamara varietal on the highest parcel owned by the family – 1825 metres above the sea, an especially cool altitude in the micro-climate of this zone.

The Pacamara variety doesn't often appear on our list: while always considered an exotic variety by the industry, we've mostly found it to have a overly piquant acid and onion-y flavours, to be difficult to roast well and to have a tendency to display past crop flavours pre-maturely. Cornelius's however stands in marked contrast to all of this and has performed well for the last several years. This year it's delicious enough to make it to our showcase standard and, accordingly, we just had to celebrate this coffee!

Instead of the out-of-balance and savoury aspects often found, with Cornelius we find an abundance of sweetness, a spiced creaminess (flavour and texture) and a complex fruit acid. Unedited notes from tasting pre-release were the following: : chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, sultana, nougat, nutmeg, tropical fruit, cherry, peach. As you can see, we think there's lots to like!

As you know if you've read also about Ben's caturra release, the family farm is happily biodiverse; the coffee grows on lush soils full of organic matter and teaming with ample ground cover, and is interplanted with a fantastic array of native shade and orchard trees (avocado, peach and banana to name a few). Chemical inputs are used only when urgently needed, mostly when there is a great risk of Roya. Soils are maintained with large amounts of organic compost and retain water throughout the dry season, keeping the farm as healthy and resistant to disease and drought as possible. Fertilization is minimal and applied according to soil analyses.

Cornelius is well-served with technical know-how contributed by Benjamin (who has studied agriculture at university and who works for ANACAFE as a technical assistant) and with years of hands-on experience passed down by his father Tadeo whose coffee has been celebrated among our core range for a long time now.

    Pricing Transparency:
    We paid 1500 Quetzales per quintal (100 pounds of parchment) for Cornelius's coffee. At times throughout harvest, the local rate was around 650Q/quintal, this at a time where cost of production is 700-800Q/quintal. We’ve been loving working with Cornelius since 2017.

    For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

    Roasted for filter brewing.

    We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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