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Drip Feed – Pre-Paid Subscription 6kg


Drip Feed – Pre-Paid Subscription 6kg


      • Take the hassle out of buying beans.
      • You choose how often you want coffee
      • You choose how much coffee you’d like each time
      • We send you the best coffee you’ve ever had.


Pre-pay, save some money, and have coffee at your door when you want it.
Save 12.5% on coffee when you pre-pay 2kg
Save 15% on coffee when you pre-pay 4kg
Save 20% on coffee when you pre-pay 6kg

Shipping is included in your total cost, but you can save some money – and your carbon emissions – by getting a little more coffee each time.

For example: If you drink 250g of coffee per week, ordering 500g each fortnight will halve your shipping costs, plus save on freight emissions and packaging. You win, and the world wins!

Well stored, your coffee will happily keep for a few weeks so no need to worry about freshness.

Designed to make sure you are getting the best coffee at the best price, you get peace of mind knowing you’ve bought coffee that not only tastes good, it does good things for a community of small producers around the world.

We will choose our best and favourite coffees each time, some coffees will be exclusive to Drip Feed subscribers so you are guaranteed to get the best of the best.

Use the selectors to pick how much coffee you’d like us to send each delivery, if you’ll be brewing filter or espresso, and finally if you’d like weekly or fortnightly deliveries. Leave the rest to us!

Please let us know if you need your coffee ground for your chosen brew method.

If you would like to do a mixed bag of espresso/filter coffees, or if you want to know more, just email us.

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