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Hario V60 Cone Plastic 2 Cup


Hario V60 Cone Plastic 2 Cup


  • Clean and simple design
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Our favourite brew method

This is our preferred brewing vessel at Auction Rooms, due to its strength and durability, lightness, and ease to clean. The clear plastic won’t crack or chip your favourite coffee mug and it won’t get damaged when you carelessly knock it against your kitchen tap!

Designed for the precise brewer, this Japanese piece of kit will keep you brewing for a life-time. Perfect for our ‘filter roast’ coffee, and it brews with these filters. It also comes with a handy little scoop that is great for Milo, not so great for coffee…

Check out our brew guide to learn how we brew.

Please choose your desired size; 1 Cup if you brew for yourself and a loved one, 2 Cup if you have coffee parties.

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