Whole lotta love

As the cooler months start rolling in, and the kids are back at school, we’re bringing you some really solid coffees to keep you powering through 2018. For filter, we see one of our final celebrations of Honduran coffee for the season, and on espresso, we are bringing you the coveted Golden Ticket. FILTER: SERGIO […]

Post Easter love

After hopefully treating yourself to copious amounts of chocolate over Easter, we invite you to indulge once more in these most distinguished of coffees, the delicious Duromina and the delectable Darabiel, hailing respectively from Ethiopia and Colombia. FILTER: DUROMINA COOPERATIVE, AGARO, JIMMA – ETHIOPIA Just some of the amazing people that make up Duromina Cooperative, seeing us off at […]

Limited Release Coffee

Limited Release was conceived to help us showcase the abundance of delicious coffees our deep green buying programme helps us get our hands on – all smallholder coffees; all ecologically-produced or transitioning; all exclusive to Small Batch. So far we have seen the release of two stunning coffees; James Karaoke’s “Fram Farm” in October, and […]