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Yamid Quinayas – Filter



Yamid Quinayas – Filter


  • Producer Yamid Quinayas
  • Attributes Fermented Honey, bed dried, Caturra
  • Origin San Augustin – Colombia
  • Flavours yuzu, butter cake, reese’s pieces, nectarine

Fresh off the March release of Yamid’s Tipica lot, we bring you some of his finest work in the from of a Caturra.

Yamid is one our cheeriest collaborators in Colombia, so it’s been a real delight to work with him and his family over the last four years. We first became acquainted with Yamid’s aunt Edilma and Grandpa Noe back in 2014 whose coffee we purchased via an exporter. At the time we were just finding our way with “direct” purchasing; we felt lucky to access good tasting coffee and that was pretty much as far as it went.

Roll the tape forward to 2019 and things have become a whole lot more complex and interesting.

Yamid has eliminated the use of herbicides and fungicides since 2017 and now produces and applies various farm level preparations that conscientious environmental stewards are encouraged to use. His heirloom varietals are not suffering; one can truly manage these prized cultivars ecologically!

Yamid has also been a super keen student of the switched on processing style we like to encourage – where producers smell and taste all the stages of fermentation to learn intuitively what produces the tastiest coffee. This has also led to processing discoveries, in particular, a style of processing we call “fermented honey”. Look out for a blog post about this in the near future!

This coffee is a superb example of this processing style, showcasing the juiciest of fruit and texture you expect from a honey processed coffee, but with the sparkling acidity and crispness in the cup you get from a wet process. And in the cup this coffee shines, like your favourite childhood cordial, it’s sweet, clean, and a bit sticky. It’s not all up there in the high notes though, all that fruit is balanced out with some plush peanut butter and chocolate notes that’ll leave you wanting more time and time again.

Pricing Transparency:

We paid Yamid 1,550,000 pesos per carga for this lot, in March 2019, against the prevailing market price of 710,000 pesos per carga and the Fairtrade (TM) price of 755,000 pesos per carga.


* Currency is Colombian Pesos.

* A carga is 125 kilos of parchment form coffee.

* Parchment form coffee is the final finished coffee produced at farm level, before it is de-hulled, and then size, density and colour sorted and packed (in an export facility) for shipping.

* As with all the producers we work with in Colombia, we purchased directly from Yamid. When we say ‘direct’, we literally mean it: we paid him in Colombian pesos, from our bank account to his own. We then assumed risk and responsibility of the parchment from the farm-gate, contracting the milling service to a third party in Pitalito, Huila, and exporting via our own Colombian entity, Shared Source S.A.S.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.Whole beans only. Roasted for filter brewing.

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