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Erick Perez – Filter


Erick Perez – Filter


  • Producer Erick Perez
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Bourbon and Caturra
  • Origin Huehuetenango – Guatemala
  • Flavours milk chocolate, raspberry jam, almond biscuit, toffee


We’ve been working progressively closer with a bunch of small producers of Huehuetenango over the last few years and we’ve been unearthing some real gems.

Gems that previously would have been sold at only a tiny premium above market rate, and eventually sold as part of a regional lot by a multi-national coffee trading house. We’re super happy to have met Ader Recinos several years ago and through him many neighbours and family members, among whom is this delight (and Ader’s cousin) – Erick.

In fact while we met Erick in 2018, this season we actually got to know Adiel, his father, and discovered he is still very actively involved in processing and farm management. Agua Dulces, Huehutenango, 1850 masl.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page. Roasted for filter brewing. We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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