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Sakaro Sodo – Espresso



Sakaro Sodo – Espresso


  • Producer Halo Hartume
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried, Heirloom
  • Origin Gedeb – Ethiopia
  • Flavours vanilla, plum, sugar cane, coffee blossom

Our first Ethiopian release of the season was a smash hit as a filter, so we decided to let the espresso drinkers among us try this delightful coffee as well.

What does Sakaro Sodo refer to you ask?

Welcome to the world of confusing place names in Ethiopia!

We’ve opted to call this coffee Sakaro Sodo after a Megalithic Site located down the road from the washing station which produces this coffee. Sakaro Sodo is located in Halo Hartume which is the name of the village and washing station, or “kebele”. It’s located in Gedeb, a district of Gedeo zone, in the Sidama region (aka Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples’ Region or SNNPR).

Ato Mijane is the owner of this washing station, which is a family run business that handles the coffee for around 400 local farmers. Farmers deliver their picked cherries to the washing station, where they are carefully hand sorted, floated, washed and then dried in the usual fashion in Ethiopia (stay tuned for blog post action on this).

Mister Mijane (Ato actually means mister!) is supported by his sons, and they work hard to have a positive social impact on their surrounding community, by investing in localised cherry collection to help farmers in reduce their transportation costs, as well as local school infrastructure projects.

This coffee is, in common coffee parlance, almost a “Sidama”, yet the coffee is marketed as being from Yirgacheffe, and that’s just the beginning.

Ethiopia is a complicated place to work and source coffee, but it’s a place we love, full of people and coffee that we love. We will continue to work hard to make sure our sourcing of coffee in Ethiopia is as transparent and supportive of the producers as it can be.

Pricing Transparency:

This coffee was exported by Tadesse Desta Import & Export, via Ephrem Beyene. The FOB price was $2.95 USD/lb though we’d have been happy to pay more if only we knew the premium would get paid to farmers or would contribute to meaningful social projects. We are planning towards agitating for this when harvest commences again in November 2019.

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