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Marisol Bravo – Espresso


Marisol Bravo – Espresso


  • Producer Marisol Bravo
  • Attributes Washed processed, bed dried, Caturra and Colombia
  • Origin Narino – Colombia
  • Flavours toffee, double cream, watermelon, orange blossom honey


From an old friend, part of a family whom we've shared with you all before. Marisol is the wife of Evelio Lasso, who is the nephew of Raquel Lasso.

You may remember Raquel from our release for Barista Hustle Superlatives a couple of years back, and you'll also remember Raquel's daughter Carla from a special Geisha release we did last year. Suffice to say, we've been working with this family for a long time, and we love them!

To add a little more complexity to the family tree, Marisol's brother (Leon Angel Bravo) manages the farm, looking after the processing of this coffee, which is then commercialised through the Narino chapter of Terra Coffee, run by Evelio and his brother Wbeimar. We've been working with Wbeimar now for over 4 years, and you've been enjoying the fruits of this relationship just as much as we have.

Now, you can't choose your family, but you can choose your coffee, and this coffee is a great choice! A Caturra/Colombia mix, farmed at 1930masl, fermented for about 24 hours without water, in a ceramic tile-lined concrete tank, then fully washed, and carefully dried. It's gorgeous, rich and toffee-like, with some crisp fruit and some floral notes that you only experience in the best from Narino.


Pricing Transparency:
We paid Marisol 1,450,000 pesos per carga for this lot




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Roasted for espresso brewing.
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