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La Argentina – Espresso



La Argentina – Espresso


  • Producer ASOPROCAAR Producer Group
  • Attributes Wet processed, bed dried – Caturra + Tabi
  • Origin La Argentina – Colombia
  • Flavours juicy citrus, honeysuckle, negroni, toffee
You may recall the name Willington Ultengo as a producer who we’ve worked with for some time and about whose coffee we’re always super excited… Well, here’s another name to add alongside Willington’s for future reference: “ASOPROCAAR”.


It may not exactly roll off the tongue but it comes from a good story that we’d like to briefly tell. It’s one of those feel-good stories of which there are frankly too few.“ASOPROCAAR” is a small association of producers in the municipality of La Argentina. Up until 9 months ago the 13 group members pretty much only ever sold their coffee to the local market, and you-know-what sub-economical pricing. The members were encouraged by the example of Willington (seeing him sell differentiated coffee at a premium to the likes of Small Batch) and wanted to understand what he did differently and how they could get a piece of it. These folks saw Willington’s connection to the final buyer as the most valuable thing they didn’t have, and they have expressed great willingness to embrace whatever is required on a farm management and processing level to ensure they can access this too.


Accordingly, Willington was embraced as leader and was made president and – rolling on 6 short months -   half of the group is already in transition to fully organic and the rest are really committed to learn and star right now. 3 of the members are actually technics in biols preparations etc who are capable of teaching the others and helping them stay motivated and on track. Willington is ably assisted in running the association by his brother Osvald, and their partners Rudy and Johanna. All together, they’re a crack team. So strong is our good feeling towards the group and their clarity of purpose and diligence that we’ve chucked in a small amount of financial support for their organic lab and peer to peer “capacitacions” (training).


The results of this new group’s focus is already plain to see: we asked the group to put together their best examples of picking and processing for us to assess potential, and the following micro-blend is a result of this…




It’s 100% caturra except for Jose Oliver’s tabi. 
It’s all ripe cherry, processed without “process”, ie, just well fermented and letting place and cultivar speak.
It’s flavours of honeysuckle and juicy citrus and the best example of our sourcing model bearing fruit that we could hope for. And it’s just the beginning.


Pricing Transparency:
We paid an average of 1,350,000 pesos per carga to the producers involved with this lot
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