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Harold Pajoy – Espresso



Harold Pajoy – Espresso


  • Producer Harold Pajoy
  • Attributes Variedad Colombia, wet processed, bed-dried
  • Origin La Plata, Huila – Colombia
  • Flavours arsparilla, plum, malted milk

It’s a bit of a Harold Pajoy party here lately – we currently have his Caturra lot on our filter offer list, and now it’s our absolute pleasure to be able to bring his Variedad Colombia lot to you on espresso!

Harold lives with his parents on top of a hill at 2000 masl. They have a menagerie of farm animals and a very integrated subsistence farm with lots of vegetables and herbs. He tends to a portion of his parent’s farm and also has about 2ha himself.

Harold is the quieter younger brother to Didier Javier, quite shy, but a very hard worker and dedicated member of La Banda Rebelde (The Rebel Gang). Like all the Banda, Harold farms Caturra and Colombia and does a different process for each varietal. Both are anaerobically fermented (i.e. without oxygen), but the Colombia receives a twelve hour cherry ferment prior to depulping and fermenting in grainpro bags. Different to Albert and Daniel however, who pick their Caturra around 20 brix, Harold picks with a bit less sugar content, at 17 brix.

La Banda Rebelde

These three neighbours (Albert, Didier, Daniel) are best buddies, and the founding members of La Banda Rebelde. We dubbed them the Rebel Gang because they refuse to take part in a coffee trade that disempowers them. This means that they sell as much as possible directly to us, and we all work together on the ground to ensure the coffees are amazing. They have taught us so much about grassroots biodynamic fertilisers, and we support them year round by donating equipment and sponsoring a rotating pickers’ fund to ensure pickers are paid top dollar to selectively harvest.

For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

Whole beans only. Roasted for filter brewing.

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