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Bookkisa – Cherry-dried Ethiopian Espresso


Bookkisa – Cherry-dried Ethiopian Espresso


      • Producer Ture Waji
      • Attributes Gibirinna, Serto, 74110, 74112 – dried in the cherry, aka a “sun-dried natural”.
      • Origin Bookkisa sub Kebele, processed at Dambi Uddo drying station, Odo Shakiso Woreda, Guji Zone, Ethiopia
      • Flavours red berries, natural wine florals and juiciness, jasmine, lilac

    We’re beyond excited to be able to celebrate the literal fruit of new relationship in Ethiopia, derived from the Guji zone (one of our favourites). The new relationship is with Ture Waji – aka ‘’The King of Guji’ – who Andrew finally met in person in 2023 after a virtual relationship since 2020.

    Ture has operated his Dambi Uddo drying station since 2018 (buying cherries from surrounding smallholder farmers), and has fast earned a reputation – under his entity Sookoo Coffee – for the cleanest tasting naturals around. In this case, cherries have been purchased from the hamlet of Bookkisa, located in the hills of Shakiso (Eastern Guji).

    Ture believes that what separates his coffee from other naturally processed coffees is “strict attention to detail here in the drying stage” .. In fact, he says there are “three key components to our technique – (a) only picking fully ripe cherries (b) lots of moving and turning of the coffee cherries on African beds, a minimum of six times per day, and (c) a very shallow bed of cherries, a maximum of one 4 cm … because of these specific protocols, coffees from Sookoo are particularly crisp and clean. You get all of the big fruit juice flavors and none of the murky over-fermented or over-ripe fruit flavors that can sometimes accompany a naturally processed coffee”.

    We certainly agree that our imports from Sookoo Coffee are super special in flavour. Physically, too, you will not find a more consistent looking natural coffee. Giddy-up!

    For more info on brewing your coffee for maximum enjoyment, check out the Brew Methods page.

    Roasted for espresso brewing. It’s a lighter but still highly extractable roast

    We ship coffee as whole beans by default, if you need your coffee ground, please let us know at the checkout.

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